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Meet The Pals (Included)



Our best little digger in town, if you need to hide something give it to Henry, he will find a safe spot. Henry is the first to wake up and the last to go to bed. He is always ready for playtime and will never leave your side.



Miss Emilee is a frisky kitty who is always up for a game of hide and seek. She would never scratch the furniture and loves snuggles and long naps in the sunshine.



This popular pachyderm has a nose for fun and adventure. He has the longest memory of all the Pals. He never forgets his friends’ birthdays and always brings the coolest presents.



This friendly little turtle is loved by all. Even though he carries a tough shell on his back, his heart is as soft and loving as can be. He moves slow but thinks fast. The other pals know that Theodore has an answer to any problem.



We’ve added some sparkle to playtime with these adorable decorations: sun, star, butterfly and ladybug.

New Pals, Coming Soon!

Join us and we’ll let you know when they have arrived.



Jewell loves bamboo almost as much as she loves warm snuggles and playing with her buddies. She’s too modest to admit it, but is amazing at math and kung-fu.



This handsome little fellow is nutso for climbing trees, snuggling with friends and racing with Charlotte. He’s also the life of the party, so all the other pals are glad to have him around.



Molly is a bit different from other polar bears and is happy to be so unique. Instead of living in the icy north, she prefers being wrapped up in a nice warm blanket and reading stories with her friends.



Meet Charlotte, she is quiet, kind and very, very fast. She can outrun any of the other pals in a race, even Oliver who thinks he is the quickest. Charlotte is so sweet that she often lets Oliver and others win races and always shares her carrots and lettuce.



Say Hi! to the cleanest little piggy in town. Charlie loves to run jump and play almost as much as he loves cuddles, long naps in the shade and rolling in some lovely mud. He is very proud of his cute little curly tail, so be sure to compliment him on it.