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The Best Friends in Life are the Ones Who Stick Around!


  • SackPals provides a warm, cozy environment for you to create your own world of imagination and fun.
  • The Sack is like a mini sleeping bag designed to keep you warm and safe while your SackPals stick to the play surface.
  • Your Pals won’t get lost or fall off during play time.
  • When playtime is over, the Sack can be simply turned inside out and your Pals are kept safe inside, ready for your next adventure!

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SackPals Starter Set

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Only $39.95

The Starter Set includes:
the Snuggle Sack, Theodore, Emilee, Henry, Elliot and Sack Bling


Patented system allows Pals and Bling to stick to the SackPals playing surface and can be easily removed or repositioned over and over again.


collectible plush toy green turtle with blue and white polka dot shell saying we stick

Store and carry your Pals inside the reversible Snuggle Sack.


two young girls holding reversible plush blanket sacks for toy set

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Pals that come with the Starter Set











“The must-have toy for home and on-the-go”

“Soft, cozy, snuggly, fun!”

“Definitely the current favorite in our house”

“Nap time, playtime, travel-time, anytime!”

“Every time we watch a movie, they run and grab their sacks.”

“The softest and coziest blanket in the world!”

We’ve got some new Pals coming soon to join the fun!

Join us and we’ll let you know when they have arrived.











Free Shipping Anyplace in Mainland USA – Order Now→